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Well, I guess you needed to contact me, for some reason, and that's why you're here. Anyways, make yourself at home, and be sure to write something witty/funny/serious on the comments, okay?



Damn, do I have to talk about myself? Fine. I usually hang out in TAY and talk to folks there. You'd see me every now and then chiming about gaming and life in general. Also, I am an author in Oppositelock, home of the Jalopnik enthusiasts. So, if you need some help about cars, motor racing, and if I can't assist you, I can at least share your worries there, and more knowledgeable folks should be able to help you out. I just ask that you be respectful there: Oppo people are good folks, and that forum is one of my homes here in Gawker.


So yeah, welcome again!

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