***UPDATE 2.1***

Since there are folks waiting to get in, with the server being a crybaby, I promoted CallistoEx as linkshell leader. He'll be on for most of the day, so if you guys get in and I'm not around, let him know. His online name is Zefh'to Epohk, and you can talk to him directly by sending him a /tell ( /tell Zefh'to Epohk then your message etc., etc., in your chat bar). Or you can post your screen name at this thread.


***UPDATE 1***

I've created our LS, it's TAY_LShell (it's not creative I know, so sue me). Now all I need are your character names so I can search for them in-game. You can go ahead and post them here. Remember, we need to be in the same server in order for me to do this. Carry on!



With the looming release of Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, I’d like to take this opportunity to coordinate with you guys on which server we are diving into. Like I said in my previous posting, this is simply an effort to be in the same server with as many interested TAYers as possible. Again, this is in no way obligatory; I am simply declaring this for folks who wanted to play ARR, but have no plans on which server they wish to go, like I mentioned here.


With that said, let’s all go to Behemoth server. Two things:

1) There is a possibility that an overpopulated server would keep us from logging in immediately. If I remember it correctly, FFXIV servers will halt player log ins for a duration of time if it detects that the server will be unable to accommodate the influx of players. However, I don’t want us to go in a server that’s devoid of other players. With that said, I decided to pick the third most preferred server during Phase 3, and that is Behemoth.

2) I can’t guarantee that we will all have a satisfying experience during our foray in this server. So I’d like to mention that Yoshi-P explicitly mentioned that server migration will be available a few weeks after launch. The way I see it, let's all use this weekend to just have fun with familiar folks in Eorzea!


Another thing that must be put into consideration, is each person’s starting class, i.e. the class selected during your character creation. Selecting your starting class determines your starting city. What this means is that, until the airship is unlocked (or if a long-distance chocobo ride is an option), meeting with your fellow TAYers might take a while.

Image from EorzeaReborn.com

This is not a big issue, IMO, since unlocking the airship access is not terribly difficult and can be done solo. I guess I simply brought this up, just so you guys will be aware.


Finally, once all of us are in the same server and happily roaming around there, I’d like to suggest that we all post our in-game names (both first and last), so I can go ahead and create our LS. Once this is done, expect to receive an in-game notification of sorts from an LS invite.

Here's a comprehensive FAQ assembled in reddit for FFXIV:ARR. You'll find there the links for beta application that would be available this weekend. Also, there are guides all over in that page for jobs and classess, worlds, and a bunch of other prominent info.


With that said, I hope to see you guys in there!

(party)(You can have this!)

(Do you know how to speak?)(chocobo)?