I tend to make a favorite Bond list based on the actor portraying him, not just the franchise in general. It's unfair IMO to start comparing quality of the movies that have decades in between them, so I default to this paradigm. Sorry I know I'm cheating. » 12/10/14 2:17pm 12/10/14 2:17pm

I remember the very first time I started wandering around in Red Dead Redemption, this lady was screaming for help. And she promptly jacked my ride. That was one of the biggest WTF moments I've had in a video game, and it forced a valuable lesson in me - never trust random (virtual) strangers. » 12/08/14 9:50pm 12/08/14 9:50pm

Sorry to hear about the horse. One thing about TAY is that you won't hear people being dismissive like that, so if you feel like sharing these kind of stories, you're bound to hear sympathetic folks here. » 12/06/14 11:34am 12/06/14 11:34am

Hmm something I never thought I'd get into was collecting Hot Wheels. It's not just a matter of buying the cars, however: I realize that I look forward to just going to a store, and looking at the hot wheels section hoping to find a cool car, or something worth adding to my collection. I actually spend some time in a… » 12/03/14 10:29pm 12/03/14 10:29pm

My favorite dessert, regardless the season, is a cup of cappuccino, or if that's not possible, a cup of coffee. Back in college, I developed this habit of drinking some kind of warm beverage (ideally, brewed coffee) while smoking a cigarette. When I quit smoking, I kept the other half of that habit. I'm sorry I'm… » 11/25/14 1:52pm 11/25/14 1:52pm

Look at the title exclusives on both systems, and see which of those truly appeal to you. If you play online, check with your friends who you want to play with which system they are one. And finally, wait for the best deals you can get for either systems. This is the exact methodology I used when I was deciding, and I… » 11/25/14 12:32pm 11/25/14 12:32pm

During my early days playing FFXI (MMORPG), I met a Mithra character in my server. FYI, Mithras are the cat girls in the game, and there are no playable male mithra character models. This character was pretty cool, inviting me in their linkshell (guild), and generally was a chill person. » 11/25/14 12:27pm 11/25/14 12:27pm

Building rank for your FC is not as challenging as recruiting new blood in FC, IMO. As long as you do stuff (leveling jobs, dailies, leves), you're getting the credit. But looking for quality players who are not a-holes, that's harder. I'm glad I never had to do that for my FC. If you guys haven't done it yet, you can… » 11/22/14 10:36am 11/22/14 10:36am

I'm very much in the same camp as you here - it's too early to start blaring the alarm bells, and there's a lot of growing up that needs to happen in the Cavs roster if they hope to go anywhere this season. The only wild card in this situation, IMO, is the coaching. Back in Miami, Spoelstra and Riley have the pedigree… » 11/22/14 10:27am 11/22/14 10:27am

I don't consider myself anti-social, but what I did learn as I grew older is that finding people that actually "dig" you and you reciprocating, is a very rare occurrence. I have a very small circle of people (most of them are family members) who actually gets me, and I am perfectly fine with this. It sucks sometimes,… » 11/20/14 5:30pm 11/20/14 5:30pm

In my family, we were all involved in either medicine or politics. Most of our successful professionals were doctors, nurses, lawyers, or politicians in our local government. Since I loathed hospitals (back then), I always thought that I'd be a lawyer (if you have to ask, criminal lawyer). But like a lot of things in… » 11/19/14 6:48pm 11/19/14 6:48pm