This is how I know I'm not a hard-core video gamer: I rarely, if ever, replay games. I think the only game that I've replayed ever was GTA 4, and even then I did almost the same things. » 1/22/15 9:53pm Thursday 9:53pm

I always felt that Evangelion TV resonates more with the folks who saw it around the time it aired (and a few years afterwards), simply because people have not seen anything like it before that. So, some of the relevance and appreciation will be, understandably, lost to the newer generations, since they've already… » 1/22/15 9:41pm Thursday 9:41pm

This was also an issue for me when I started working in an office, and it is an understandable predicament, since our metabolism is most active during the morning, that's why a healthy breakfast is the way to go. My solution for mid-morning hunger is to just have a snack (a granola bar, or a fruit) on my desk. I'm… » 1/09/15 11:29am 1/09/15 11:29am

I read somewhere that, in any kind of job/work, 3 things determine you level of satisfaction, which then decides if you should stick with said job: the nature of your work, your work environment, and your salary. Of the three aspects, only two should be satisfying enough for a person to find out if he/she should stay… » 1/05/15 12:44pm 1/05/15 12:44pm

Back when I started learning about the mystery cars, as soon as I learned there's a G37 in there, I made sure to get it since I drive an Infiniti G37x in real life (it's an '06, so previous gen and the sedan, but still...). Besides that, the casting in this thing is pretty good as well. » 1/02/15 11:14am 1/02/15 11:14am

Congratulations on the (virtual) wedding! I'm behind on the fashion trends of Eorzea, but I do remember seeing a summer dress for girls that can be glamoured (which, I'm now wondering, with marriage finally established in-game, how much of a price jump did they have for the glamour pieces...). Sorry if I'm prying, but… » 1/02/15 11:02am 1/02/15 11:02am

I don't usually do New Year's resolutions because, personally, I thought that promising to do things, under the guise of self improvement, on one day out of 365 doesn't make sense: if you really want to improve yourself, you can do that change any time of the year. However, for 2015 I do want to finally do some… » 12/30/14 4:26pm 12/30/14 4:26pm

I was 100% sure that I had a Dome Zero Concept car in die cast flavor (1:64), but I kept on searching google for it, and I haven't found anything. I probably need to talk to my brother and ask about this, just to confirm. » 12/29/14 2:49pm 12/29/14 2:49pm